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About Us

High-quality YASCO instruments are sold in over 120 countries world-wide for long time. We have delivered the highest quality products by using best grade of materials and monitor all production process to guarantee our hand-crafted workmanship, always keeping up with the latest techniques. High-tech production processes, the use of CNC-controlled manufacturing centers and the manual dexterity of experienced experts and specialists guarantee the consistently high function- and quality standard of all manufactured products.

We offer a wide range of over 12,000 different types of instruments, literally covering all aspects of surgery.
We dedicate our success to our fair and honest policies, to our spirit of innovation, to the closest relationship that we establish with our clients and to our firm adherence to total professionalism in all areas of business. Our customers and the members of our team are our best asset and we do our best to safeguard their interest.
Our customers are our most important asset. We continually strive to outperform customer expectations. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, or any facet of your ordering experience, please call us immediately. We take a great deal of pride in our customers' satisfaction.

YASCO instruments are designed to the specific requirements of advance surgical procedures. Our network span welcome special customize design of instruments to your specified requirement.
We hope you enjoy visiting our website and we shall be honored to know your comments about our company, products and services.
2) Quality Assurance

As a company certified in accordance with ISO 9001, Quality System and compliance with cGMP of FDA's requirements and CE under EU directives for medical devices, YASCO guarantees consistently high quality in terms of product design, development and manufacture in all production processes. Top priority is given to quality in all sectors of the company.

Adherence to stringent quality standards and continuous further development on the part of our production engineers guarantee now, and in the future, those products that prove themselves on a daily basis in the operating theatre. Constant, close contact with end-users throughout the world brings experience in optimizing the efficacy of existing instruments and helps us to develop innovative products for new surgical techniques.

High-tech production processes, the use of CNC-controlled manufacturing centers and the manual dexterity of experienced experts and specialists guarantee the consistently high function- and quality standard of all manufactured products.

3) Core Values
What we stand for
These are the timeless, guiding principles of our culture. Our values define who we are and how we do business - as individuals and as a company.

treating each other and our customers fairly and honestly
We consider the highest standards of personal and professional ethics as the cornerstone of trust among our customers and ourselves.
We deliver on the commitments we make.
We recognize our obligation to the communities where we live and work.
We hold ourselves accountable not only for what we achieve but how we achieve it.
Performance Driven:
demanding high standards from customers, ourselves and our colleagues
We expect people to take personal accountability for their actions.
We recognize and deliver on our obligations to our suppliers, and customers.
We strive for operational excellence, speed, and simplicity in everything we do.
We recognize the difference between effort and results.
We believe that developing and empowering employees leads to exceptional overall company performance.
creating value by thinking beyond the obvious
We believe that our people and their ideas are what create value for our customers, suppliers, and shareholders.
We value innovation, teamwork, and disciplined risk taking as the best way to achieve financial performance.
We deliver products and services of unsurpassed quality.
We accept honest mistakes as the price of entry for big ideas.
the spirit with which we create solutions
We respect the dignity, uniqueness and contribution of each individual and recognize the strength that provides our team.
We share the rewards of our financial success with employees, shareholders, and customers.
We communicate openly, and we listen to each other and our customers.
We encourage respectful disagreement.
4) Research & Development

YASCO aims to remain competitive in the industry through its R&D department. The research and development that undergoes in the private lab, in addition to the company's correspondence with the leading research authorities ensures that YASCO is up to date with latest trends, requirements and standards.
Following are some of the operations that come under the responsibility of R&D cell.
Ensuring proper specification of the 7 elements within the stainless steel.
Exploring the growing Titanium instrument market.
Under taking Failure Analysis by the use of microscope to find and resolve problems.
Development of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to synchronize development.
5) Certifications& Approvals:

YASCO is ranked as having as International standing not only in its products but
Also in its processes. The Certification and Approvals are listed below for customers
Viewing and download.

CE Registration

ISO 9001-2000

FDA (USA) Approval

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